Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the compensation model and revenue splits?

The client gets a % of NET revenue based on a pre-negotiated level of participation that is between 50% and 70%. NET revenue is defined as the gross revenue less the cost of the merchandise or items that are sold and the cost of fulfillment.

2. What are my out of pocket costs for this?

Your costs may include your staff expenses or management commissions, and any promotion and marketing you may choose to do to support your event.

3. What amount of time and level of commitment is required to participate in a signing event?

Clients need to commit to a minimum of one hour in attendance at the event. The commitment of talent’s staff and management will need to be several hours of prep work. The success of each event is based on the clients ability to connect with their fans through promotion, marketing and social media in the weeks before the Personalized Autograph Event takes place.

4. How much revenue can potentially be produced from one signing?

IMAGE will run revenue projections for each event once actual items and prices are discussed with the client and confirmed.

Items such as photos, posters, CDs DVDs, Books etc could possibly be sold between $25 and $100 each and gross revenue could easily reach $20,000 in one Personalized Autograph Session. Items like guitars and/or sports helmets have a higher potential to sell for hundreds or thousands.

5. How many signings can be done in an hour?

The IMAGE system has the ability to produce up to 200 Personalized Autograph Experiences per hour. The total number of experiences produced will vary client to client and with each client’s ability to deliver the video greetings.

6. Where and at what time is the signing conducted?

IMAGE can produce Personalized Autograph Events anywhere and at any time that is convenient for our clients. We manage the entire process, making it simple and easy.

The IMAGE MAGIC Console is portable and can be set up in 30 minutes wherever there is access to high speed internet.

The Personalized Autograph Events are scheduled for a single hour and we can produce up to 5 events during the course of a single day at that one location.

7. How many fans will be at the signing?

There are no fans present at the signing. Each fan has pre-purchased their item and provided what they would like the personal video greeting to say and what they would like inscribed on the item through our online event page.

The client will work with the IMAGE production team at the event to complete all the Personalized Autograph Experiences sold for that event. The IMAGE team is staffed with media / entertainment professionals with a background in producing events and managing talent.

8. Who’s responsible for connecting the fans with a Personalized Autograph Event?

The success of an event is dependent on the client’s ability to directly connect with their audience through press, marketing, promotion and social media.

IMAGE works in conjunction with client’s team - webmaster, marketing, merchandise and/or management staff to create a compelling list of items, set appropriate pricing, develop the event page and provide client with assets for web/social.

IMAGE will also support client’s marketing to the fan base, to autograph collectors through its own PR web and social media efforts.

9. How do clients and fans interact?

Audio and video interaction is only “one way” … client speaking to fan on recorded video.

Fans receive INSTANT GRATIFICATION through the delivery of their Personalized Video Greeting, within minutes of it being completed by email to any internet connected device.

The Fan can ask a question, or ask the client to deliver a personal message through the event page checkout process when they purchase items to be signed.

Their name and question/message will appear on a monitor in front of client during the signing, allowing the ability to deliver the greeting and sign the item as the fan has requested … but the client is not required to say or write anything they do not wish to say or sign, as we make sure that the fans know client may not endorse or necessarily say exactly what is requested.

What is delivered by the client to the fan in the greeting and on the item is at their sole discretion. Clients do not have to deliver what the fan has requested if they find it objectionable in any way.

10. How are signed items delivered?

The IMAGE system and staff handle the process of fulfillment and all items are shipped by USPS Priority Mail to expedite the delivery of each and every Personalized Autograph Experience.

11. How are items authenticated?

The fan receives a video of their signing by email within minutes of it taking place. The video includes an overhead, picture in picture of the signing. Every item purchased will be delivered with numbered holograms, the personalized video on a flash drive and an IMAGE Certificate of Authenticity. 100% proof of authenticity!

12. Can I do multiple signings in a day?

Each Personalized Autograph event hour has the ability to produce up to 200 experiences. When the first hour sells out, the client will have the opportunity to add additional hours if there is still more demand from the fans.

13. Can signings be done regularly?

Yes. A regular schedule of Personalized Autograph Events is a great way to create new revenue, satisfy regular customers and devoted fans.

With regularly scheduled events the client can keep the supply of items limited, introduce new and different products, creating demand and exclusivity, and could include dynamic pricing.

14. Can brands or sponsors be integrated into the event?

Absolutely! Integrating brand relationships into the Personalized Autograph Experience is a natural fit!

The integration could include, but is not limited to: Step and Repeat branding in every video; Logos on the event page and marketing assets; social media contests for discount or free codes; branding on the flash drives and the ability to place ads, trailers or other content on the flash drive are some of the opportunities.

Brands could also purchase the event through IMAGE and provide all the Personalized Autograph Experience with their celebrity spokesperson FREE to fans.

IMAGE is open and willing to work with and create compelling brand activations that connect fans to the product through our unique service.

15. Is the signing done at a location that's good for me? How I am to be transported there?

The IMAGE MAGIC Rig is portable and can be set up in 30 minutes wherever there is access to high speed internet. The locations will be convenient to numerous talents so up to 5 talents can attend a single event day at any location. The Executive Producer of any event day can work with talent to arrange transportation to an event.

16. What's the event location like?

The event can be produced in a small location that has a room for couple of tables and will be comfortable.

17. Who handles the production of the signing?

IMAGE staff manages the entire process. In advance of the event, IMAGE works with Client’s staff to secure proper merchandise, set prices, build banners and shopping carts. At the event, IMAGE staff moves the merchandise through the process, presenting the items to be signed and taking those items away after signing. Our staff then packages the items with their flash drives and off to the