Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I have to go to get my autograph?

You only have to go to your computer, phone or tablet and log in to the shopping cart either through the Talent’s website or the NorthEast Comic Con page.

2. When is my autograph signed?

Your autograph will be signed by the Talent on a designated date at a location you do not have to go to, and when it is signed it is video recorded.

3. How do I know my autograph was really signed by the celebrity?

The item you have pre-purchased is signed in person and video recorded with 2 cameras at the time it is signed … a front facing camera and an overhead camera … which are captured as a picture-in-picture to show it being signed specifically for you.

4. When do I get my video?

Once it has been signed and video recorded, an email is immediately sent to you containing a link to your personal video of the Talent signing your pre-purchased item.

5. How and when do I get my autograph?

The signed item is then packaged with the Certificate of Authenticity, along with a flash drive containing your video and shipped by U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail … usually delivered in 3 to 5 days.

6. Do have to travel or wait in line?


7. How do I know if this autograph is authentic?

Seeing is believing …. That’s why we video record each individual signing.

8. Can I have it personalized?

When placing your order in the online shopping cart you will have the option to select how you would like to have the Celebrity address you on video and what you would like the celebrity to sign on your item.

9. Can I leave it blank just in case I want to re-sell the item?


10. Can I purchase multiple items during a signing event?

Yes, but each must be ordered separately in order for each to have its unique video associated with each item.

11. Can I get my own item signed by sending it to IMAGE?

No, IMAGE is a service provider to the talent and sell their products to you … IMAGE does do some In-Person events offering to allow you own items to be brought and signed with video authentication.

12. Who pays for shipping and handling?

Each case is different, and is described in the product or event description … shipping and handling is included in many IMAGE personal Autograph Experiences … IMAGE uses the United States Postal Service for all shipping because it is good for America and American jobs.

13. Does IMAGE do charity events?

Yes, if the talent chooses to give their autograph money to charity, we offer a share of our profit to charity also… IMAGE offers autograph signing opportunities to charity as often as possible.

14. Can I attend an IMAGE autograph signing event?

Most IMAGE signings are private and not able to be attended by the general public or fans … some events are public IMAGE In-Person events, such as at Comic Cons, Chiller Theatre shows or other celebrity events … you will be able to know which are public events by the listings on the NorthEast Comic Con page.