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IMAGE Meet and Greet provides a new service to connect with fans around the globe safely and without having to be in the same geographic location, at the same time. It’s like a virtual in-store or personal appearance that promotes and markets your newest projects, products or merchandise while creating a new source of revenue!

The IMAGE Personalized Autograph Experience: A method for Fans to buy items (CDs, DVDs, Vinyl, Books, Photos, Posters, Artwork, Baseballs, Limited Addition Memorabilia, basically ANYTHING that can be signed) and have each item personalized by their favorite celebrity. Each Experience is captured on video for authenticity and also provides a personal greeting that can be shared with friends, family and through social networks.

The IMAGE Meet and Greet Interactive Console (MAGIC) can be easily set up at any location, at any time...at an existing event, show, convention, festival, record store, book store, radio station…in a studio, a green room, dressing room, tour bus, hotel room or even in a living room! The console is portable and makes producing the IMAGE Personalized Autograph Experience frictionless and turn key for ANY celebrity!

How it Works

Schedule an IMAGE Personalized Autograph Event:

  • IMAGE will provide a customized event page and shopping solution along with banners for your website.
  • Promote and drive traffic to YOUR website or Facebook page through social media, press and marketing efforts.
  • Fans pre-purchase the items they want personalized from the selection you provide, then fill in the sections for the video message and the item being signed.
  • You personalize their pre-purchased item and deliver the video message, which includes an overhead camera as picture-in-picture.
  • Moments after the item has been personalized, the captured video of their Experience will be delivered via email!
  • On the day of the event, fans can interact with you by asking questions through social media feeds.
  • IMAGE will produce photos and video at the event to distribute on your website, social and video sites.
  • This additional media can be added to the branded flash drives included with every purchase.

It's THAT easy!

For Celebrities from TV, Film, Sport, Music, Art, Literature, Comics, Food and more…

IMAGE Provides:

  • A unique, global, online fan engagement service that creates new revenues. It’s like a virtual in-store or personal appearance that promotes and sells your newest projects, products or merchandise!
  • An automated method that produces up to 200 Personalized Autograph Experiences per hour.
  • You don’t have to be in the same location at the same time.
  • An authenticated video documentation process that defeats autograph fraud.
  • Allows anyone with a fan base to connect in a way never before possible!
  • No travel or major adjustments to schedule.
  • Safe and Easy.


For Brands, Sponsors, Festivals, Conventions, Radio Stations and more…

Enhance ANY Existing Event:

  • A simple, effective service that connects consumers to Brands, Products, Projects, New Releases and Events.
  • Doesn’t take time from any existing "table signing" at the event, but is an "add on" that acts to extend the
  • Brand beyond the event itself… creating additional awareness and revenues from consumers around the globe, unable to attend due to schedule or geographic restrictions.
  • Compelling consumer experiences that provide instant gratification.
  • Allows revenue to be generated year round, not just at specific locations and times.
  • Can be integrated into any marketing campaign.
  • Raise Brand, Project or Event profile, provide added incentive to advertising packages and collect valuable customer data.
  • Additional media, special offers or redemption codes can be added and delivered on branded flash drives that are part of every Personalized Autograph Experience.


For Charities and Non Profits…

IMAGE provides the means for Celebrity Benefactors to spend time with fans and give back to community.

  • Add to any Fundraiser to maximize possible revenues.
  • Compelling way to attract donors not able to attend.
  • Allows money to be raised throughout the year.
  • Can occur in conjunction with Fundraiser or at alternate time and location.
  • Accommodates a Celebrity’s busy schedule.


For Fans from around the globe…

IMAGE gives fans a unique, Personalized Autograph Experience that they can share and treasure for a lifetime!

  • Our innovative VideoQueue® captures the personalizing of their pre-purchased items!
  • No waiting in lines or adjusting their busy schedule!
  • Fans will receive INSTANT gratification with a personalized video delivered via email they can share with family, friends and social networks!
  • All the authenticated, personalized items will arrive by mail within a week of the event!


IMAGE Does it ALL…

IMAGE is a turn key, full service provider, powering The Personalized Autograph Experience!

  • We create the customized Event Page and Shopping cart solution, easily added to your website and Facebook Page and provide custom banners for your website.
  • We produce the scheduled Autograph Event on site…at any location.
  • We manage the complete fulfillment process and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • We provide post event consumer data, event related media and photos.


Satisfy Fans… Enhance ANY Event…
Create New Revenue… Raise Money for Charity

Envisioned and patented by entertainment entrepreneur Gary Sohmers, our VideoQueue® is the system and methodology for connecting fans and celebrities through the Internet while eliminating fraudulent autographs which permeate the market. In 2011, Gary saw the ideal time to merge the demand for autographs and state-of-the-art technology with social commerce, opening the door for the VideoQueue®.

Deric Shea joined Gary in late 2011, and they both have a firm understanding that meeting a personal idol is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that deserves to be captured for posterity with technology. Both are passionate about delivering a unique experience to all IMAGE customers, as well as streamlining the autograph process for celebrities, defeating autograph fraud in the marketplace and raising money for charities.

Gary is known in the industry as the "King of Pop Culture," and has enjoyed an illustrious career in-and-around the entertainment and memorabilia industries. Having produced over 1000 concerts and over 100 collectibles events with celebrity guests signing autographs, he saw the need for IMAGE before the technology existed to enable it, patented it and developed a business model to implement it. Gary also gained national prominence appearing for 13 seasons as a pop culture and autographs appraiser on PBS-TV’s "Antiques Roadshow."

Deric is noted for building and leading product design and development teams with more than 30 years of proven leadership and engineering experience in the system, communications and cloud storage areas. Deric has a broad range of experiences including Iron Mountain Digital, Cisco Systems and American Internet (acquired by Cisco). He also lent his experience and expertise to various tech-related Boston-area startups and his technology vision and business skills will enable IMAGE to offer an exceptional user experience and to keep IMAGE on the leading edge.

IMAGE is dedicated to stopping the epidemic of autograph fraud, creating true "authenticity". The autograph collecting industry is made up of two aspects that generate over $5 billion annually: primary (getting one in person) and secondary (buying it from a dealer). Most people prefer to get an autograph in person to have the personal experience, yet even then, without indisputable proof, authenticity will always be in question.

In the autograph marketplace there are credible dealers, innocent sellers who don't know better and an unscrupulous group of con artists taking advantage of people. Third party authentication services merely give an opinion of authenticity based on vague criteria since an item may not have been seen signed in person.

2010’s "A Comprehensive Guide to Collecting Sports Memorabilia" reports the authentic sports autograph marketplace alone tops $5 Billion annually.

Investment grade authentic autographs offer an alternative asset class to investors.

Fans rarely have access to celebrities for a face-to-face experience.

Celebrities need Security when meeting fans to sign autographs.

A video of a Celebrity signing an autograph as supporting authenticity is extremely rare.

Each IMAGE Personalized Autograph Experience includes:
  • IMAGE gives you a unique, experience that you can share and treasure for a lifetime!
  • Our innovative VideoQueue® captures the personalizing of your pre-purchased items!
  • No waiting in lines or adjusting your busy schedule!
  • You will receive INSTANT gratification with a personalized video you can share!
  • All your authenticated, personalized items will arrive by Priority mail within a week of the event!
  • Access to the IMAGE Registry and Archive where your ownership and authenticity are documented forever and your recorded video is always available/transferable.
IMAGE delivers more than a souvenir… It’s a Personalized Autograph Experience with the ultimate stamp of authenticity!

If you represent a Charity with access to Celebrities who have promised you they would like to do something to help, let us help you show them an easy way to generate needed funds with little effort.

All they need to do is commit an hour of their time and let their fans contribute to your cause in a fun way.

And the Fan gets something of value... an autographed item of their choosing, along with a personal experience they cannot get anywhere else.

Contact Us to learn more.

IMAGE events happen in locations around the globe … it’s just that the fan doesn’t have to be at the location to have their personal experience.

IMAGE events launch from the celebrity’s own website, so if you are a fan, join the fan club, follow on Twitter and become their Facebook fan to know when your favorite celebrity will be doing an IMAGE personal experience autograph signing.

For Celebrities, IMAGE provides a venue to meet your fans from a convenient, safe location geographically close to you that can process over to 200 fan experiences per hour. Each IMAGE event launches to their fans from the Celebrity’s own website, selling their own merchandise which they personalize on video for their fans. This gives the Celebrities control over their own image, help them defeat autograph fraud and potentially raise money for their favorite charity, fund their next creative project or tour.